So far there was a system for the verification of the real value of a purchased property that was done by the Liquidation Office and such system did not have many possibilities of being refused by the purchasers.

We mean that the Administration normally takes as a value to be verified the one provided in the apparaisal that the purchaser gets when they are applying for a mortgage.  The aforesaid system was so quick and easy (due to the fact that no visit to the property was required nor the intervention of an experted demanded) and it used to be accepted by our Courts of Justice, which only rejected some of theses verifications for reasons that were sorted out quickly by the Administration.

In this way, despite being an unfair method (because entities often appraise properties over their real value in order to increase the percentage of the financed amount) the possibilities of complain and claim that used to be very scarce, almost unexistent, until recent dates.

Recently several courts have admitted the possibility that it is the buyer (taxpayer) who, regardless of the valuation made by the appraiser (in favour of the bank), can provide evidence to individualize the valuation of the property, forcing the Administration to check (by means of experts) the value of the property at the date of the transmission.

This situation opens new possibilities for the defense of purchasers against the former authomatized system used by the Administration.

As soon as we see the results we will keep you updated, as the amounts claimed (10% of the difference between the real value and the one that the Administration intends) are usually very high, so it is a question of great interest for those who  want to acquire a home .

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