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Local taxes in Torrevieja and spain

Although it is now not compulsory in the majority of cases, it is still very recommendable to officially designate a fiscal representative to the Spanish Authorities. The main reason for this is that postal communication is not always as efficient as it needs to be in touristic areas and the Spanish Government does not want to have to look for property owners in other countries, especially when they only come to Spain for holidays.

For this reason it is advisable to designate a qualified professional who can deal with the Spanish Government’s requirements, communicate immediately with you regarding those matters, and give the appropriate response on your behalf.

We can also take care of setting up direct debits for local council tax (IBI), and other State taxes, sending you the paperwork and receipts for your records.

Once we have your paperwork, we can calculate an estimate of your total annual costs.

Additionally we offer free consultations to all our clients that contract our fiscal representation service, as well as drawing up any documents and of course giving you the personal attention you need.

We’re Most Trusted Legal Service.

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