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how to contract services in torrevieja for property transaction or conveyancing

Our work starts as soon as you find the perfect property.

We analyze the content of the sales contract and request the pertinent documents in order to establish the current owner of the property, any pending debts, that it has the corresponding permits necessary and that there is nothing outstanding such as taxes, community charges, or utility payments.

We apply for you N.I.E. (foreigner’s I.D. number), which is required for purchasing a property or a vehicle in Spain, for paying taxes or anything related to the Spanish Government.

We draw up your deeds using the official information which we obtain directly from the Land Registry and we accompany you to the notary to translate for you, explain the contents of the deeds to you, and to sign along with you, thus assuming the responsibility that our role as your representative entails. If you prefer not to have to worry about being in Spain for this step, you have the option of granting us power of attorney and we will take care of everything on your behalf.

We pay the necessary taxes for you and we register your new deeds with the Land Registry, at which point you are totally protected. Later, you will receive your original deeds, with details of the costs that have been paid and the final balance.

We also put the utilities in your name and connect you and, if you are interested we can set up your home insurance, setting up the direct debits to your Spanish bank accout.

All of the services necessary to complete the purchase of a property in Spain have been put together in the package we offer you so that you are aware from the very beginning of all the costs associated with the purchase, avoiding any surprises and unexpected expenses. For much of the paperwork, etc, that we will carry out on your behalf, you will pay a fixed price.

We’re Most Trusted Legal Service.

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